Promoting personal responsibility for life-long practices of wellbeing

Wellness is not the mere absence of disease, it is an active process of engaging in a lifestyle that encourages one to develop habits and behaviors that promote better health and improve the quality of life. Wellness is a multidimensional state of being that includes physical, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational, and spiritual aspects of one's life....

Student Wellness Program Mission:

The Student Wellness Program objectives are designed to promote personal responsibility for life-long physical, emotional, social, and spiritual practices to achieve optimum levels of functioning for an overall sense of well-being. As students learn the importance of encouraging patients to change their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health, the wellness program offers encouragement, support and opportunities for students to personally engage in behavior and practices for a healthy lifestyle.

The Office of Student Wellbeing

Diane Gottlieb, M.D.
Director of Student Mental Health Services


Jill Adaman, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist


Wellness Student Interest Group

This student-run interest group within the Student Government Association (SGA) creates original wellness programming and provides ongoing support for existing wellness activities. The Director of Student Wellness serves as an advisor to the group. Wellness Interest Group activities and services vary from year to year based on student interests and needs. The SGA also supports numerous clubs that enhance student wellbeing. Examples of Interest Group and SGA sponsored activities and services include: After Hours Coffee Cart, Breakfast before Exams, Yoga classes, Zumba classes, Gardening club, Running club, Cycling club, Art club, etc.

2016-17 Wellness Seminar Series and Programs

We look forward to a great year of programming!

Class of 2020, watch your email for instructions on running for your society Wellness Rep position.

Upcoming events:

8/31/16 - Blood Drive from 11-4 in the Lower SAC

8/31/16 - Co-sponsoring Easy, Healthy Cooking for the Busy Medical Student from 12-1 in SAC A.