Student Technology Guide for Academic Year 2018 - 2019
(Including the Med Student Technology Requirement and other important information you'll need to set-up your devices)

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Information Technology
The Med Student Technology Requirement
Official Requirement for Class of 2022
Computer Set-Up Checklist
iPad Set-Up Checklist
About Computer Accounts
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Third and Fourth
Year Information

Includes patient logging requirement and best places to get internet access.

Help with Videos, Notes, Passwords & Browsers
Getting Computer HELP
Frequently Asked Questions

iPad Set-Up Checklist


If you are new to IOS and the iPad, you will want to take some time to use your device to get familiar with its operation. See our iCampus iPad information pages.

"dragonfly3" is the wireless you will be connecting to. Please read about how to connect at the Drexel Information Technology (IT) Dragonfly webpage at

Examplify from ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc
This is the iPad app that is used to deliver exams in the first and second years of the curriculum. You are required to download and install if from the App Store

As of January 10, 2019 Examplify 3.6 will be available which has a slightly new interface with a new look and feel. Please refer to these new instructions in our Examplify for iPad Student Guide.

Learn about Examplify
We recommend that you view these videos about set-up and to familiarize yourself with features available to you during an exam in Examplify 3.6 for iPad.