Student Technology Guide for Academic Year 2018 - 2019
(Including the Med Student Technology Requirement and other important information you'll need to set-up your devices)

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Includes patient logging requirement and best places to get internet access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a desktop computer - do I need to buy a laptop?
No.  The requirement is for a computer and it may be a desktop or laptop. If buying new, keep in mind that you may be moving frequently in your 3rd year doing clerkship rotations, so portability may be something to consider.

I already have a laptop computer will this be sufficient?

The decision to upgrade your laptop is a personal one.  If your laptop computer was purchased in the last two years, you most likely do not need to buy a new one. See the Official Technology requirement page .

Can I get an Android or other pad device instead of an iPad?
No. The requirement is for an iPad. Exams require an iPad and use Examplify for iPad.

Will my iPad that I plan to jailbreak function properly?
iPads that are jailbroke may not function properly with our software, especially
exam software and therefore will not meet the technology requirement.

What is jailbreaking?
To modify the firmware of an electronic device, especially a mobile phone, in order to remove restrictions that prevent it from running unofficial software. (from

Are books provided electronically?
Textbooks are not provided free of charge either in hard copy or electronic. However many texts are available for iPad.

When picking Windows 10, there are different options for Windows 10. Which do I need?
Windows 10 comes in various versions such as Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education. The basic Home version is sufficient for student use, however depending on the cost difference and your budget you might consider the Pro version. Pro does include some additional features which you can see in this chart.

What software will I need?

  • You will need to be able to create documents and presentations. You will need to be able to view, create and edit Microsoft Word and PowerPoint compatible files. Microsoft Office 365 is available for you to download free of charge.

  • Sophos AntiVirus (provided by Drexel University free of charge)

How do I set up my wireless on my laptop and connect to the Drexelmed wireless network?
You will connect to the wireless network named "dragonfly3". See more information at

Will the wireless signal from Queen Lane reach beyond the campus?
No. The signal will cover the front courtyard and the shuttle stop, but will not cross over Queen Lane and into apartments or houses.

I have a network (ethernet) jack on my laptop, can I use that on campus?
Not typically. On campus, we do not routinely provide hard wired networks jacks for you to plug in your laptop using your standard RJ-45 ethernet jack (this is the jack that looks like a wider phone jack). The entire campus has wireless connectivity.

Is a high-speed internet connection at home required?
No. We don't require you to have an internet connection at home since you can access the Internet on campus with your wireless laptop. However, since checking e-mail is a requirement we recommend you do have an internet connection at home.  A high-speed connection will allow you to access the Internet at much faster speeds and make watching lecture videos and downloads from home much more enjoyable. 

Some local contacts for various internet services (not a comprehensive list):

    DSL (Digital Subscriber Lin
    e) or FIOS (High-speed Fiber Optic Line)
    Check with Verizon at for availability at your location

    Check with your local cable TV provider, typically Comcast at

Where can I buy a computer, iPad and other accessories?
Drexel has negotiated discounts with several major computer manufacturers such as Apple, Dell and Lenovo. Please refer to DrexelOne (Campus & Community tab) and to the Drexel IT's Computer Purchases page for details.

If you decide to purchase a computer through a retail computer or electronics store be sure to print out the Technology Requirement page and take it along.

Where can I get my computer or device fixed?
Drexel IT does not provide repair service for student-owned computers. IT at Queen Lane may be able to help you evaluate your computer. You might consider a repair warranty for your device, the decision is yours.

The Computer Fixer provides ship-in, carry-in, and on-site service for desktops, laptops, cell phones, tablets, printers, and other devices. They also offer extended maintenance agreements. See for more information.

How do I get hardware help with my iPad or get it fixed?
An Apple Store/Genius Bar can assist in diagnosing and pricing a solution to your issue. The Computer Fixer is also a resource. AppleCare is the extended warranty for your Apple products which you may consider when you are buying your device, the decision is yours..