Student Technology Guide for Academic Year 2018 - 2019
(Including the Med Student Technology Requirement and other important information you'll need to set-up your devices)

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Computer Set-Up Checklist

You've bought a new computer, maybe you acquired a newer used one or you already had one. In either case, go through the following items in order to have your device work on campus, have it function safely, and be able to access the course resources.

Some of these may need to be done when you are on-campus. You will need to have your Drexel UserID and password for some of the steps. If you haven't done so already, please activate your computer account. See About Computer Accounts and Policies.

1. Set or make sure that all local login accounts for your own laptop have a password.

This is a security safeguard and we recommend not having a computer login account without a password.

2. If you have a laptop, set up your wireless connection on the campus where you are.

"dragonfly3" is the wireless you will be connecting to. Please read about how to connect at the Drexel IRT Dragonfly webpage at

"drexelguest" is also another wireless network and this should be used for anyone who does not have a Drexel UserID to connect to. See more at

3) Download and install Sophos antivirus software
It is extremely important to have anti-virus software on your computer and keep it up-to-date by configuring it to automatically check for new anti-virus files online. You may have your own anti-virus software or may have received a free trial version if you bought a new computer. Drexel offers Sophos anti-virus software for free download. Read more about Drexel licensed software and how to get it.

NOTE: Typically you can only have 1 anti-virus software type running on your computer. If you want to download and install Sophos from Drexel, you MUST uninstall any other anti-virus software before installing Sophos.

4) Do computer updates when prompted (and set your computer to update automatically)
No matter what the device (Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android) there will be updates or "patches" which make the operating system better and also fix potential security flaws. Because your computer may be connected to the public internet while on campus, you MUST do updates regularly. We recommend you set them to occur automatically at least weekly.

5) Disable pop-up blockers for our site
For many resources you will use This Webcampus website needs you to allow pop-ups in order for the website to function. Windows has it's own pop-up blocker which works fine. In addition other browser toolbars (such as Google, Yahoo, Comcast and Verizon toolbars if you've downloaded these) also contain pop-up blockers. Whichever you choose to use, just be sure to allow an exception of "" to the pop-up blocker settings.

6) Install Micro
soft Office 365 for Students
As a student you will have access to Microsoft Office 36
5 to create and edit Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel and more. In addition you wil have a vast amount of online storage space with Microsoftt OneDrive. See Drexel-IT's information page about Office 365 and how to get it.

7) Here are other useful players/software to install on your system.