This is CASE 1 of the Mary DeWitt DDx Project

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  1. Please start with clicking the first VIDEO BUTTON which is not dimmed.

  2. After watching a sequence, you might enter three differential diagnosis...

  3. ...and enter the questions that you'd like to aks the patient at this point into the textfield below the video.

  4. Then you watch the panel discussion, where experts after seeing exactly the same video sequence talk about their reasoning.

  5. You then continue by clicking the next video-button and repeat the sequence until you've seen all of the encounter and watched the experts explain all of their reasoning.

We wish you an enjoyable learning experience!

PS: If you don't like to follow the sequence, you can unlock it here

This Clinical Reasoning Project was made possible through the Mary DeWitt Pettit Fellowship
PI: Susan Coffrey-Zern, M.D.; Design, Production, and Programming by Christof Daetwyler, M.D.
Copyright 2008 by Drexel University College of Medicine