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DocCom are 42 media rich online modules to teach/learn communication in healthcare..
.. it has been developed by Drexel University College of Medicine jointly with the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare

Click here for the BIC (Brown Interview Checklist)

Communication Skills Instructional Videos

Components of the Interview

The Interactive Medical Interview (Prototype)

55% watched

Dr. Steven Peitzman demonstrates:

Components of the Medical Interview:
A Case of Hearing Loss

Dr. Dennis Novack demonstrates a complete interview following the Brown Interview Checklist (BIC)

This is a Prototype of our DREXLO (Drexel Learning Video Object) - which allows you to participate actively in the interview

Review of Systems ROS

The Oral Presentation

100% watched

short:100%, long:100%

Dr. Steven Peitzman demonstrates a complete Review of Systems ROS

Dr. Deborah Ziring demonstrates a concise and organized oral patient presentation

WebOSCE Encounter (Clerkship Year) Vignette Videos

Family Medicine (Vaccination counseling):

  1. FamMed-01-askedWhyNotImmunize.mp4
  2. FamMed-03-concernsReImmunization.mp4
  3. FamMed-04-tellAutismNotCausedByImmunization.mp4
  4. FamMed-05-adressMercuryQuestions.mp4
  5. FamMed-06-checkPatsUnderstanding.mp4
  6. FamMed-07-addressNumberOfVaccinations.mp4
  7. FamMed-09-tellWhyVaccinesAreImportant.mp4
  8. FamMed-10-addressPainOfImmunizations.mp4
  9. FamMed-12-addressHPVinMales.mp4

Internal Medicine (Substance Use Disorders):

  1. InternMed01-02_substanceUse.mp4
  2. InternMed04_frequencyOfUse.mp4
  3. InternMed05_methodOfAdministration.mp4
  4. InternMed06_consequencesOfUse.mp4
  5. InternMed07_gettingSubstance.mp4
  6. InternMed08_pastQuitAttempts.mp4
  7. InternMed09_moodAndMentalHealth.mp4
  8. InternMed10-12_askDiscussUse.mp4

OB/GYN (Contraception Counseling):

  1. OBS-GYN01_currentContraception.mp4
  2. OBS-GYN02_askMotivationeReSterilisation.mp4
  3. OBS-GYN03_askPresentSexualPractices.mp4
  4. OBS-GYN04_askPastSexualPractices.mp4
  5. OBS-GYN05_HistoryOfSTDs.mp4
  6. OBS-GYN06_concerns.mp4
  7. OBS-GYN07_optionsOfContraception.mp4
  8. OBS-GYN08_concernsReIUD.mp4
  9. OBS-GYN09_preventionOfSTDs.mp4
  10. OBS-GYN10_smoking.mp4
  11. OBS-GYN11_risksOfPermanentSterilisation.mp4
  12. OBS-GYN12_validateThatPillsAreNotForEveryone.mp4
  13. OBS-GYN13_empathicStatement.mp4
  14. OBS-GYN14_followUp.mp4

Surgery (Breaking Bad News):

  1. Surgery00_roleModelingInterview.mp4
  2. Surgery01_askedUnderstanding.mp4
  3. Surgery03_clearLanguage.mp4
  4. Surgery06_legitimatedStrongEmotions.mp4
  5. Surgery12_nextSteps.mp4
  6. Surgery14_furtherQuestionsConcerns.mp4

Special Topics

Modules from the GEM (gender and ethnics in medicine) project

Cardio-Vascular Health

Mental Health

Oral Health
GI Health
GEM cardiovascular
Encounter 0 %, Discussion 0 %
GEM mental
Encounter 0 %, Discussion 0 %
GEM oral
Encounter 0 %, Discussion 0 %
GEM gastroenterology
Encounter 0 %, Discussion 0 %

Drs Núñez and Lee discuss Cardio-vascular Health issues related to Gender, Ethnicity, and more...

Drs Schindler and Yeh discuss Mental Health issues related to Gender, Ethnicity, and more...

Drs Cohen and Yeh discuss Oral Health issues related to Gender, Ethnicity, Age and more...

Drs Frank and Yeh discuss GI Health issues related to Gender, Ethnicity, Age and more...

Other special topic sites

NIDA (Substance Abuse Diagnosis) Project

Pregnancy Loss

GEM mental
GEM mental

Drs Schindler, Parran, and Parrish explain and role-model the diagnosis of substance abuse issues in adult and adolescent patients.

Drs Geller, Woodland, et al. explain and role-model interacting with patients who suffer pregnancy loss.



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