Gender and Ethnic Medicine Project: Cardio-vascular Health

Dr. Nunez gives the rationale re: Cardiovascular Health
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Dr. Nunez role-models interview with emphasis on CardioVascular Health issues
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Drs Nunez and Lee discuss CardioVascular Health issues
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Video 1: Click the picture above to listen to Dr Núñez giving the rationale why you should learn about cardiovascular health issues related to gender and ethnicity.. Video 2: Click the picture above to see Dr Núñez perform an Interview with emphasis on Cardio-vascular Health ...

Video 3: Click the picture above to see Drs Núñez and Lee discuss Cardio-vascular Health issues related to Gender, Ethnicity, and more...

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  1. The Heart Truth (extensive resources, pbl case, lecture materials and additional resources)

  2. DHHS Office of Womens Health

  3. Agency for Healthcare quality and research

  4. DHHS Office of Minority Health

  5. HRSA


Delineate unique and different aspects of heart health risk, clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment and outcomes for women as compared to men and to describe the impact of subcultural differences in outcomes for diverse women.

Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills Objectives by domain:

Risk Factors and Predictive Tools

Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis and Testing for Disease

Behavior Change

Attitudinal Issues


Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Women

Diagnostic Testing

Cultural Issues in Care and Women’s Health

Tools and Additional Web Resources:

Compilation by A.Núñez, 2007