Senior Elective Catalog: 2019-2020
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Neurobiology and Anatomy
Neurobiology and Anatomy
Neuroscience Senior Elective -- NEUR8214S410
Your transcript will read as follows: Neuroscience Senior Elective -- NEUR8214S410
Duration: 4 weeks   Drexel University College of Medicine
Course Type: Teaching, Non-Patient Care   Drs. Sessler & Shumsky - Course Director(s)
Number of Students per Block: 8   2900 Queen Lane  [MAP]

Philadelphia, PA    19129
Block(s) not offered: -1,2,3,4,5,9,10,11,12-
Will accept visiting students: No
This course runs concurrently with Human Structures & Function I (HSF-I) between October and December. Additional info:
Educational Information
Supporting Faculty: Drs. Murphy Cunningham, Himes, Tom, Raghupathi, Cote, Espana
Course Description: Review of Medical Neurosciences for seniors considering training in neurology, neurosurgery and related areas.
Specific Goals: -Students will have the opportunity to review and update Neuroscience and Neuroanatomy learned in the first year course.
Specific Objectives: -Students participate in the teaching of neuroscience workshop/labs, write a review paper (approx. 15 pages), research the pros and cons of a treatment or method, work on a tutorial to teach Neuroscience and present their work in a powerpoint presentation format to a panel of faculty.
Learning Resources: Faculty, texts, web resources
How Clinical Skills and Competencies will be Evaluated
Evaluator: Drs. Francis Sessler and Jed Shumsky
Skills Assessed: Basic sciences and clinical knowledge, writing, research, presentation and teaching skills.
Process: Oral examination, written examination or research paper
Method of Grading: Standard Drexel University College of Medicine Senior Evaluation Form
Feedback to Students: Students will receive feedback at midpoint of rotation (verbal) and end of rotation (verbal & written) in accordance with DUCOM policy.
Other Information
Students Report to: Dr. Sessler, Room 276, Queen Lane
Special Requirements / Night Call:
Room / Board:
  For further information on the content of this course, please contact:
Dr. Francis Sessler      (215) 991-8489