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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Pathway

Curriculum through Class of 2019 only. For students graduating Class of 2020 and beyond, please see new curriculum link.

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FOR PATHWAY 2018-2019: PMR Pathway Breakout Handout 2018-2019


The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Discipline-based Pathway is designed for students who are considering residency training and a career in PM&R. Students will receive mentoring and guidance as they design their 4th year curricular plan, complete 4th year coursework, and apply for residency training.

Sites and Personnel

Pathway Director and Site Coordinator:

Drexel University College of Medicine
Maya Therattil, M.D.
St. Lawrence Rahabilitation Center
2381 Lawrenceville Road
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
(609) 896-9500 x2203 Phone
Maya Therattil, M.D.


Coordinator: Lucie Conte
(609) 896-9500 Phone x2203

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Goals and Objectives

The goals of the PM&R Discipline-based Pathway are:

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Description of Pathway

Click here for a summary table of the PM&R Pathway.

Subinternship in Medicine
See the description of the Subinternship in Medicine included in the required coursework for all pathways.

Neurology Course
See the description of the Neurology Course included in the required coursework for all pathways.

Transition to Clinician II: Transition to Residency

Pathway Required Course

Recommended Electives (minimum of 8 weeks)

Electives should be chosen based on the student's interests and/or areas in which the student would like to gain additional knowledge (e.g., those that the student self-identifies as areas of weakness).

Of note, College of Medicine curricular policy specifies that:

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Textbooks and Learning Resources

Learning resources will vary depending on the rotations selected. For specific suggestions, students should review the course description and discuss with the individual course directors or with the Pathway Director.

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Evaluation of the Student
The student's performance in each rotation will be evaluated by supervising physicians, and residents when appropriate, using the standard Drexel University College of Medicine clinical evaluation form. Students not receiving a grade of satisfactory or higher will be counseled and provided with remediation.

Evaluation of 4th year Courses
Upon completion of each rotation, students are encouraged to complete the end-of-rotation evaluation form in DOCSS. Students have the opportunity to provide feedback on the rotation as well as on specific faculty (and residents) with whom they worked in DOCSS. All feedback is de-identified.

Evaluation of the Pathway
Students are encouraged to complete an end-of-year Pathway evaluation for the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Pathway. The feedback from this evaluation will help in advising future students more effectively.

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