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Family Medicine Pathway

Curriculum through Class of 2019 only. For students graduating Class of 2020 and beyond, please see new curriculum link.

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MUST READ FOR PATHWAY 2018-2019: Family Medicine Pathway Breakout Handout 2018-2019


 The Department of Family Medicine offers a discipline-based pathway for members of the senior class.

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Sites and Personnel

Pathway Director and Site Coordinator:

Drexel University College of Medicine
JulieAnne Hlavac , M.D.
Department of Family, Community and Preventive Medicine
10 Shurs Lane, Suite 203
Philadelphia, PA 19127
(215) 482-4744 Phone
(215) 482-1095 Fax

Coordinator: Ashley Scott
(215) 482-4744 Phone
(215) 482-1095 Fax

Associate Pathway Directors/Site Preceptors, Site Coordinators and Teaching Sites:


Associate Director/Site Preceptor

Site Coordinator

Hahnemann University Hospital

Leon McCrea, M.D.
10 Shurs Lane, Suite 301
Philadelphia, PA 19127
(215) 482-4744 Phone
(215) 482-1095 Fax

Akimi Jones
(215) 967-1632 Phone

Chestnut Hill Hospital Family Hospital

Amanda Zavodnick, M.D.
8815 Germantown Avenue, 5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA  19118
(215) 248-8907 Phone
(215) 248-8852 Fax

Amanda Zavodnick
(215) 248-8872 Phone
(215) 248-8852 Fax

Crozer-Chester Medical Center

Elise Hogan, M.D.
Department of Family Medicine
1260 E. Woodland Avenue, Suite 200
Springfield, PA  19064
(610) 690-4471 Phone
(610) 690-4479 Fax

Joanne Falkowski
(610) 690-4471 Phone
(610) 690-4479 Fax


Steven Wolfe,.D.O.
Forbes Family Practice
2550 Mosside Boulevard, Ste #500
Monroeville, PA 15146
(412) 457-1050 Phone
(412) 457-0255 Fax

Gina Sacco-Tucker
(412) 457-1050 Phone

Lancanster General Hospital

Christine Stabler, M.D.
Department of Family Medicine
555 North Duke Street
Lancaster, PA  17604
(717) 290-4940 Phone
(717) 290-4194 Fax

Alice Damen
(717) 544-2096 Phone
(717) 544-8084 Fax

Beth Zangari

St. Vincent Family Practice

Bruce Gebhardt, M.D.
2314 Sassafras Street, Suite 306
Erie, PA  16502
(814) 452-5101 Phone
(814) 452-5097 Fax

Sarah Milewski
(814) 452-5106 Phone
(814) 452-5097 Fax

Washington Hospital

Paul Slomiany, M.D.
Department of Family Medicine
95 Leonard Avenue
Washington, PA  15301
(724) 223-3604 Phone
(724) 229-2178Fax

Stacy Thomas
(724) 223-3604 Phone
(724) 229-2178Fax

Williamsport Family Practice

Luan Pham, M.D.
699 Rural Avenue, Sublevel 1
Williamsport, PA  17701
(570) 321-2340 Phone
(570) 321-2359 Fax

Annette Sheets
(570) 321-2340 Phone
(570) 321-2359 Fax

Wyoming Valley/First Hospital

Deborah Spring, M.D.
Wyoming Valley Family Practice
2 Sharpe Street
Kingston, PA 18704-0300
(570) 552-8956 Phone
(570) 552-8958 Fax

Carol Kole
(570) 552-8956 Phone


Nancy Nagib,M, M.D.
1001 S. George Street
York, PA 17403
(717) 851-3038 Phone
(717) 851-5852 Fax


Christie Colon
(717) 851-3038 Phone
Email ccolon@wellspan.org

The above clinical campuses and affiliates have offered to provide the ambulatory experience. These are competitive and priorities will be given based on a first come basis and request from the clinical site.

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Goals and Objectives

The objectives of this pathway will be:

1. To provide the students with a broad experience in both hospital-based and ambulatory medicine.
2. To build on the clinical and cognitive skills learning during the preceding three years of medical school
3. To prepare students for residency training in a primary care discipline.

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Description of Pathway

Click here for a summary table of the Family Medicine Pathway.

The essential components of the pathway are:

1. Required Medicine subinternship

2. Required Neurology rotation

3. Family Medicine rotation (outpatient)

All Family Medicine 4th Year Pathway courses must be scheduled directly through the Family Medicine Pathway Office. Declared Pathway students have priority for available affiliate sites. Non-pathway students will be assigned to accessible sites. Students may contact the affiliate sites directly, or they may make arrangements with the Coordinator in the Department of Family Medicine for 4th Year Pathway. Please call (215) 482-4744. Students who are pursuing Family Medicine residencies outside Pennsylvania should contact the Pathway Director, Dr. Hlavac, for options.

A. Introduction

The subinternship experience will be at the Drexel University College of Medicine or an approved clinical site.

One four-week required subinternship in Internal Medicine. It is strongly recommended that the senior student take a second elective subinternship that is primarily hospital based from the following:
1. Family Medicine Inpatient Service
2. CCU or ICU
3. Obstetrics and Gynecology
4. Pediatrics
5. Emergency Medicine
6. Surgery

B. Goals and Objectives

The two subintern experiences are meant to build on skills previously obtained during third-year clerkships, as well as understand the complexities of providing both inpatient and ambulatory care and the interrelation between the two.

The subintern will be expected to be an integral part of inpatient and ambulatory services. The subinternship should provide the student with sufficient number of patients and educational opportunities for their academic growth.

C. Subintern Responsibilities

The expectations of the senior student will be to fulfill the requirements set forth by the individual departments which are providing the subinternship.

Family Medicine Rotation
The outpatient experience in Family Medicine is an essential component of the fourth-year pathway. This rotation ideally will permit the senior student to understand the interrelation of ambulatory and inpatient care based on the current realities of medicine.

A. Required Electives

The required electives are to broaden and enhance skills, to practice medicine in a system whose future is clearly ambulatory based.

Electives may be chosen from the following list of medical or surgical specialties:
Gynecology (ambulatory)
Infectious Disease
Orthopedics (ambulatory)
Pediatrics (ambulatory)

B. Free Electives

The student may choose three free electives at either "home" or "away" clinical sites. These electives should be used to:
1. broaden or pursue an interest
2. strengthen any perceived weakness or deficiencies
3. evaluate a potential residency program

Free electives need to be approved by the Department of Family Medicine.

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Textbooks and Learning Resources

As required for specific rotations.

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Performance during Subinternships and elective rotations will be evaluated by both supervising attending physicians with input from senior residents when appropriate using standard Drexel University College of Medicine clinical evaluation forms. The completed forms will be forwarded to the office of the Pathway Course Director for the Department of Family Medicine. Students not receiving a grade of satisfactory or higher will be provided with counseling and remediation.

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The provisions of The Student Handbook of Drexel University College of Medicine are not to be regarded as a contract between any student and the College of Medicine. The College of Medicine may, at any time, change any provisions, curriculum requirements, teaching facilities, affiliated teaching sites and/or their amenities, bylaws, rules, regulations and policies as may be necessary in the interest of the University, College of Medicine, and its students.

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