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MD/PhD Pathway

Pathway will no longer be offered after the Class of 2019. Research will continue to be supported through the Special Electives application process.


         Sites and Personnel

         Goals and Objectives

         Description of Pathway

o        Pathway Summary Table

         Textbooks and Learning Resources


FOR PATHWAY 2018-2019:
Please contact Dr. Clifford directly by email jc79@drexel.edu


The goal of this Pathway is to provide the opportunity for students in the MD/PhD Program to have the option to spend up to 4 blocks (16 weeks) in their fourth year in a research laboratory at Drexel University College of Medicine continuing research begun during their PhD studies or exploring a new research topic in sufficient detail and dedication both to hold promise for achieving tangible results and to enable the student to determine if this area of research is of interest for future pursuit. MD/PhD students who have completed their PhD with sufficient time remaining to complete 36 weeks in the 4th year may choose any other pathway in order to avail themselves of a broad range of experience.

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Sites and Personnel

Pathway Director:

Jane Clifford, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Biochemistry
Drexel University College of Medicine
245 N. 15th Street, M.S. 497
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1192
Phone: 215-762-4446
Fax: 215-762-4452
Email: jcliffor@drexelmed.edu

Contact: Lucia Boyer, Executive Assistant
email: lboyer@drexelmed.edu

Pathway Advisory Committee:

MD/PhD Advisory Committee

Teaching Site for Didactic Courses:

Laboratory of chosen research mentor; university-wide seminar sites

Teaching Sites for Research:

Laboratory of chosen research mentor

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Goals and Objectives

The pathway will provide the MD/PhD student: 

·         An opportunity to spend up to a 4-month block (16 weeks) of time to continue research begun during the PhD studies in order to obtain a publication or to further explore an idea OR

·         An opportunity to explore a new area of research to assess future research interests OR

·         An opportunity to defer their third year of medical school in order to meet the requirement of defense of the PhD dissertation. Students may request a maximum of 10 weeks of retroactive credit for completed PhD research for their 4th year (they may only request the maximum number of weeks that are deferred for 3rd year).

·         A selection of clinical electives that might build on the research experience.

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Description of Pathway

Click here for a table summary of the MD/PhD Pathway.

Pathway-specific Courses

To be determined with Pathway Director's advising and approval.

Four months of research will need to be completed. This project will be determined by the student, mentor, and Pathway Director.

Suggested Electives

To be determined with Pathway Director's advising and approval.


Click here for a table summary of the Research Pathway.

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Textbooks and Learning Resources. The MD/PhD student entering the MD/PhD Pathway has the opportunity to spend 4 months engaged in research activities, be it the clinic, the computer or the laboratory. It is expected the student will participate in all of the academic activities of the research environment--journal clubs, research seminars, rounds, etc.

Each of the required or suggested electives will develop its own set of learning resources.


Evaluation of the Student

The student's performance will be judged primarily on the basis of:

         their performance in the research environment, as assessed by the research mentor; and

         a formal paper presenting the student's research that will be evaluated by the Pathway Advisory Committee.

Student Evaluation of the Rotations

At the conclusion of the research experience, the student will be strongly encouraged to complete an evaluation form to assess:

1.      the quality and quantity of the didactic experiences;

2.      the quality of the research mentor;

3.      whether and how the student's plans for a career have been altered by the research experience; and,

4.      how the research experience could be improved.

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