Senior Students with Junior Rotations to complete after April 19th, 2019

Junior Lottery Spring 2019


Please return this form to the Division of Clinical Education, Room 114K, 2900 Queen Lane EMAIL: , NO LATER THAN Noon on Monday, January 7, 2019. DO NOT PROVIDE INFORMATION RELATED TO A DISABILITY ON THIS FORM.


If you have a special need and do not also provide documentation from the Drexel Office of Disability Services to the Office of Student Affairs by January 7th, it is very unlikely that a change can be made to meet your need.


We will let you know how to proceed. This is based upon how much 3rd year clinical work is still needed.You should submit your selections consistent with your request and based on the assumption that your request will not be granted.








Are you a parent?

Do you currently have an AVL on file from the Drexel Office of Disability Services?




Entering 4th year with some 3rd year work to complete


Please list the rotation(s) you need to complete and rank the sites in your order of preference. Please note that rising 3rd year students will be scheduled first.