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Planning 1st Summer

This page is a resource to assist first year medical students with planning their summer. These resources will help you plan your summer, find funding and enrichment opportunties. Caitlin Curcio, Assistant Director of Career Advising is also available to assist you in planning your summer. Prior to scheduling an appointement please review the available resources provided on this site. You can make an appointment to meet with Caitlin using Accudemia.

Research Opportunties

  • Drexel University College of Medicine Research Programs and Opportunities
    • Drexel Summer Research Fellowships -DUCoM offers 20 paid Summer Research Fellowships for first-year medical students under the direction of a Drexel University faculty member. Previous research experience is helpful but not required.
    • Research Opportunities at Drexel and Clinical Sites - List of Drexel faculty members who may currently have a research opportunity available here or at one of our clinical sites.
    • Drexel Research Opportunities - Search this site by department and faculty. Email faculty directly in the areas you are interested to see if an opportunity exists or if the faculty member knows of any other opportunities in their department. It is recommended to send your CV along with your email inquiry. Search by Department
    • Past Drexel Affiliated Faculty as Research Sponsors
      List of Drexel faculty who have provided research opportunities to medical students in the past. Contact them directly to see if an opportunity to work with them exists. You don’t need to wait until the application process for the summer research fellowship program begins in order to set something up with one of these faculty members.
  • External Research Opportunities and Programs
    • External Summer Research Opportunities - This is a list of research training opportunities available outside of Drexel. Some programs offer students funding to conduct research at the institution of their choice, including Drexel. Other programs offer stipends for students to come specifically to their institution to conduct research. The external list can be searched by program, area of focus and includes link to program's website. This list is maintained by the Office of Student Affairs & Career Advising. Please email us with any additional opportunities that should be listed on this page.
    • Clinical and Research Opportunities - AAMC Careers in Medicine database.
      Summer and year round programs are available to medical students looking to gain valuable research and clinical experience in a desired specialty. Learn about opportunities for fellowships, internships, summer programs, scholarships, and grants that are available in the United States and abroad.

Community, Educational and Enrichment Opportunties

  • External Community Opportunities - This is a list of opportunities available outside of Drexel. The external list can be searched by program, area of focus and includes link to program's website. This list is maintained by the Office of Student Affairs & Career Advising. Please email us with any additional opportunities that should be listed on this page.
  • Bridging the Gaps Summer Internship - Drexel University College of Medicine BTG Community Health Internship Program is seven-week, paid, summer internship for graduate-level students in the health disciplines, provides non-clinical heath related services to underserved populations, while incorporating interdisciplinary training on the psychosocial issues affecting health and the delivery of healthcare. Contact Office of Community Experience for additional information.
  • AAMC Caring For Community Grant
  • ΑΩΑ Medical Student Service Project Award
  • Arnold P. Gold Student Summer Service Fellowship - Student Summer Fellowships in Community Health
  • Albert Schweitzer Fellowship – Philadelphia - Schweitzer Fellowship works to improve health outcomes in underserved communities
  • Christian Community Health Fellowship (CCHF)
  • David E. Rogers Fellowship Program - Funding - The content of the Fellowship might include clinical investigation, public health/epidemiology, health policy analysis, activities linking biomedicine, the social infrastructure and human or community need.
  • GE-NMF Primary Care Leadership Program - This service-learning program provides students with an opportunity to examine the challenges and rewards of primary care practice at community health centers (CHC) across the United States. PCLP Site Partners are located in Boston MA and Gateway Cities in MA, Chicago IL, Houston TX, Los Angeles CA, Phoenix AZ, and Seattle WA. GE-NMF PCLP Scholars will actively engage in leadership training, site-directed project activities, and healthcare service delivery.

Underrepresented in Medicine Student Research and Intership Opportunities

    To encourage diversity in medical education and in the physician profession, there are a number of research programs and internships, which are eager to recruit URM & URiM students.

International Opportunities

  • PRIOR TO SETTING UP AN INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE, STUDENTS SHOULD FIRST MEET WITH Dr. Nielufar Varjavand. To set up an appointment to meet please email her at: Nielufar.Varjavand@DrexelMed.edu.

  • Drexel University College of Medicine Office of Global Health Education(OGHE) - The OGHE manages the college of medicine's global learning programs. Drexel medical students can participate in Drexel-organized experiences as well as opportunities offered by other approved programs based in the United States and abroad. The Office of Global Health Education helps students plan a safe, healthy and enriching experience that matches their temperament and future goals.
  • External International Opportunities -This is a list of external international opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

**Form for Letter of Good Standing and Recomendation - If you need a letter of good standing or recommendation from the Dean of Students, please complete this form and return it to Karen Shulik (klu23@Drexel.edu), Administrative Coordinator, in Student Affairs, Suite 114.