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Career Development Center Library

The following books are available for check out in the Career Development Center.

Iserson, Iserson’s Gentting Into A Residency. Step-by-step guide through the process of selecting a medical specialty and obtaining a residency position. Provides information about the different medical specialties, including the difficulty of obtaining a position and the number of available slots.

Freeman, The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Medical Specialty. The book provides and inside look at the issues surrounding medical specialty selection, blending first-hand knowledge with useful facts and statistics, such as salary information, employment data, and match statics. Focuses on all the major specialties and features firsthand portrayals of each by current residents. Also includes a guide to personality characteristics that are predominate with practitioners of each specialty.

Donaldson, Lundgren and Spiro, The Yale Guide to Careers in Medicine and the Health Professions. The book is designed to help students decide if a career in medicine is suitable for them. It features a collection of real experiences from doctors, medical students, and residents from Yale University describing their profession, its challenges, and rewards. Chapters are written by a wide spectrum of medical professionals.

Jackson and Geckeis, How to Prepare Your Curriculum Vitae. The book provides an in-depth explanation of the components of the curriculum vitae as well as step-by-step instructions for condensing your career history into a concise biographical sketch that underscores your assets. You’ll learn to assess your educational and non-educational skills. Inventory your accomplishments, and present the information in a format that follows the latest document guidelines. With easy-to-follow plan the book offers everything you need to know to create a CV that will produce results and advance your academic or professional career.

Krumboltz and Levin, Luck Is No Accident: Making the Most of Happenstance in Your Life and Career. This book explains how unplanned events – more often determine life and career choices than all the careful planning we do. A chance meeting, a broken appointment, a spontaneous vacation trip, a fill-in job, a hobby – these are the kinds of experiences that lead to unexpected life directions and career choices. By taking advantage of chance events when they happen, and to make the most of what life offers.

Nelson, What Color Is Your Parachute? 2008: A Practical Manual for Job-hunters and Career-Changers. The book gives new strategies and quick fixes for getting unstuck during your job search. It gives examples, instructions and cautionary advice to yield better result; and updated resources throughout.

Nash, Future Practice Alternatives in Medicine. This is an excellent book for residents and future MD's who are unsure about which way to go in the vast field of medicine. With the ever changing landscape, its tough to keep abreast of everything, but not doing so can be costly. Securing a well payed lifestyle is something that can only be done now by the well informed. Stay informed, read this book

Tysinger, Resumes and Personal Statements for Health Professionals. Step-by-step, fool-proof instructions to guide any health professions student, graduate, or practitioner through what can be an agonizing process of writing these important documents. Learn how to identify and describe your accomplishments to emphasize your strengths. Includes examples of actual résumés and personal statements. Also details how to use cover and thank-you letters to establish relationships with interviewers.

Jackson and Geckeis, How to Prepare Your Curriculum Vitae. The curriculum vitae, a resume of educational and work background, is essential for undergraduates applying to graduate and professional schools. Now revised and updated, How to Prepare Your Curriculum Vitae helps readers to analyze their academic career and create the best "academic resume" possible.

American Medical Association, Graduate Medical Education Directory 2007-2008: Green Book, Essential Information for Important Career Decision-Making Newly revised by the AMA, the Graduate Medical Education Directory, 2007 - 2008 ( or the "Green Book") contains extensive information on more than 8,300 residency, fellowship and combined programs in the United States, as well as residency application and career-planning resources to help in making one of the most important professional decisions that a medical student can make. In this new edition, you'll find more than 6,500 revisions, updated specialty/subspecialty information/data, including Match data and more. Other changes to this edition include: 1,200 program director changes, 240 new programs, and 90 withdrawn programs. Inside the 2007-2008 edition, you'll find: *Comprehensive GME program listings, including program director, address, phone, fax, and e-mail address *Certification requirements for 24 medical specialty boards *Teaching institutions that sponsor GME programs *Residency application and career planning resources *Expanded descriptions of GME-related organizations *Medical licensure information *A list of Canadian residency programs.