Interdisplinary Foundations of Medicine Drexel University College of Medicine IFM

2017 - 2018

About the IFM Curriculum

The Interdisciplinary Foundations of Medicine curriculum allows first-year students to immediately begin confronting clinical issues. Clinical symptoms, symptom groups and cases provide the framework for an interdisciplinary presentation of curriculum content. Using symptom-based modules of varying length, basic science and clinical faculty present information from the biomedical, psychosocial and clinical sciences, including clinical skills, in a lecture-based and hands-on format.

Each basic science discipline teaches the material needed to meet its overall learning objectives in an order of presentation that best facilitates a student's grasp of concept and content. Discipline-specific and integrated lectures, labs, small-group sessions with both basic science professors and clinicians, and community-based clinical experiences are an integral part of the curriculum.

Contact Information

Donna M. Russo, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Curriculum
Professor, Microbiology, and Immunology

Tina Maddox, Year 2 IFM Program Coordinator

IFM Office
Drexel University
College of Medicine
2900 Queen Lane, Room 228
TEL: (215) 991-8140
FAX: (215) 843-0253

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