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Amy Fuchs, M.D., Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Email: Amy.Fuchs@drexelmed.edu, Phone: 215-991-8221

Seema Baranwal, MD FACP, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Email: Seema.Baranwal@drexelmed.edu, Phone: 215-991-8221

Cindy DeLone, Director of Financial Aid, College of Medicine, Email: cd32@drexel.edu, Phone: 215-991-8258

Marie Hartman, Director of Career Development Center, Email: Marie.Hartman@drexelmed.edu, Phone: 215-991-8762

Michael Lombardo, Senior Director of Student Affairs, Email: Michael.Lombardo@drexelmed.edu, Phone: 215-991-8219

Caitlin Kaltenbach, Program Coordinator, Email: Caitlin.Kaltenbach@drexelmed.edu, Phone: 215-991-8250

Sherita Glenn, Program Coordinator, Diversity, Email: Sherita.Glenn@drexelmed.edu, Phone: 215-991-8216

Julie Parkes, Administrative Coordinator, Email: Julie.Parkes@DrexelMed.edu, Phone: 215-991-8221

Veronica Boiser, Administrative Assistant, Email: Veronica.Bosier@drexelmed.edu, Phone: 215-991-8213